Enchanted Christmas

Come Join Santa and his friends
for a Christmas experience
you'll never forget

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This is a magical adventure based exclusively at Hardwick Hall. Come along to meet your Elf guide at your chosen date and time to start your own adventure.

You will spend half an hour with each character as you journey through this adventure. See below all the magical stars that are waiting to meet you!

Enchanted Check-in Hut

Arriving at the Enchanted Christmas at Hardwick Hall will start your magical journey. Check into the Enchanted hut and receive your wristband from the helpful Elves. Meet your elf guide who will be there to take 6 groups around on their experience! The groups will be:

  • Snowflakes
  • Icicles
  • Polar Bears
  • Snowballs
  • Snowmen
  • Penguins

Each group will take a route around the adventure going to each activity with your elf who will look after you until your journey home with dreams and memories of your exciting day!


Go with your Elf Guide into Santa’s Special Lapland Tepee. Complete with a log burning fire, join Santa and his elves on a magical visit to the North Pole!

With each child having their wishes confirmed by Santa, leave full of magic and a memorable present from the man himself, then continue on your Christmas magical journey.

Key Keeper – Head of Elf & Saftey – Pepper MintSticks

Chief of security, key keeper and guardian of Father Christmas’s secret village

Pepper is the protector of Santa’s magic world, and has worked his way up to being Head of Elf Security. He is entrusted with the important job of watching out for the well-being and safety of Santa Claus and Mrs Claus.

He is also in charge of guarding the secret location of Santa’s Village and magic workshop. Billions of children, not to mention adults, would love know where it is, so he has his work cut out.

Pepper likes to model his outfits after that of the military and patrols around the Village with a chest full of Elf Medals and a makeshift armour made of kitchen pots and pans. He owns a one-of-a-kind bubble gum firing machine gun and no-one would dare mess with him.

Reindeer Fairy – Pimpinella Pinefrost

There is only one fairy that makes the magic dust to make the reindeer fly! Help her to whip up the magic for this Christmas by whispering your messages to the real Reindeer and sprinkle that dust!!!


Mrs Claus Crafts

Come and meet Mrs Claus who is ready to show you how to make your beautiful Christmas decoration to take home. Dont forget to shake her hand for luck!!!


Elf Bookshelf the Twelf – Elf Training school

Become an Elf with official Elf Training! Sign the Elf Code and agree the terms of your elf contract

Pick a secret Elf Name and get a certificate as an honorary Elf in the Elf Naming Ceremony!


Banta Claws

Be afraid! Never let out in public before its Santas naughty Brother! Ever heard the term Bah Humbug? Banta is everything Santa isn’t! Guess who got the looks? Come on lets work together to win him over to love Christmas!


Bertie the Gingerbreadman

This is Bertie he is a shy and slightly scared gingerbread man but he didn’t use to be like that everyone used to chase him and try eat him but the only person who he could really trust not to eat him was Santa.


Christmas Cafe & Shop

Come and experience the smells of festive Christmas warming fayre in Hardick Hall’s Christmas Cafe.

Whether it is a quick take out warm drink along your journey or lunch/dinner before you head home, there will be some gorgeous goodies for you served by the busy Elves!

New for this year – needing some magical decorations or gifts, please visit our Christmas shop!